Different Types of Fabric

fabricsHuman basic needs are food, clothing and shelter.Clothing therefore plays a very big role in our lives and with clothing comes fabric. Fabric is made from fibers. Fiber can be manufactured from natural material, artificial material or a fusion of both.

Natural fabrics are the most preferred and actually the best type of fabric.This is because natural fabric is very durable and conducive to temperature changes.This fabric is mainly retrieved from the coats of animals, silk worm cocoons and different parts of plants.The most common type of natural fiber from the coats of animal include wool and leather. Wool is normally from the coat of sheep and preferred for its warmth while leather is mostly from the hide of cattle. Silk is generally more expensive as it comes from worms in a rather tasking process.Natural fiber from plants is very popular especially cotton and linen fabric.

Artificial or synthetic fabric is mostly from inorganic substances or a mixture of chemicals and organic products. The most used types of artificial fabrics are nylon, polyester, acrylic, denim, rayon, spandex, velvet and satin. Nylon among all synthetic fabrics cashes in the most money since its the easiest to manufacture and its also very high quality. Acrylic fabric is also popular and it was developed to act as an imitation of wool. Denim fabric better referred to as jeans when colored with blue dye is found world wide and loved for its comfort. Polyester fabric mostly found in beddings, drapery, rugs is always on high demand due to its strength, softness and wrinkle free properties.

Fabrics have greatly evolved over the years and the different varieties available have become numerous. The most important thing to note however is that, fabric is no longer just about providing clothing but its usefulness has made it a way of life.

Fabric Basics: How Are They Made?

Fabric Basics: How Are They Made?

Fabric. It has a variety of uses, from clothing to bed sheets, many materials use fabrics as a base. Though fabrics are loved by many, few people know what the process is in creating fabrics that can be used by the public. In order to fully appreciate what fabrics are, it is important to take a look into how fabric is made. This way, someone can know of the process that turns materials, into the fabrics that cover their t shirts.

 How Is Fabric Made?

According to scienceline.usb.edu, there are two types of fabric. To understand how fabric is made, one will need to know of the type of fabric being created. How fabric is made will differ if it is a natural fabric or a synthetic fabric. Natural fabrics are the ones we are most familiar with, as they deal with fabric types like wool and sick, whereas synthetic fabrics are nylon, spandex, and many others. The kind of fabric will affect how the fabric is made, as wool productions are different from cotton productions. All fabrics, however, are made of a fiber that connects the material together, the separation of the fiber will tell of the insulation for the fabric in production. This has made wool more warmer typically than cotton, as the fibers in wool are closer together and more organized than cotton ones. Whether the fiber be from a plant, animal, or seed, the fiber is ultimately the necessary component in creating the fabric. How fabric is made will likely change due to the source it is being extracted from, as animal sources of fabrics will usually have a different method of using them than plants do. In simple terms, however, fabrics are made from fiber, fibers that are a number of sources.